Thursday, December 13, 2012





“Facilis descensus Averno;
noctes atque dies patet atri ianua Ditis;
sed revocare gradum superasque evadere ad auras,
hoc opus, hic labor est.”

 Virgil- The Aenid


          It’s been a rollicking few months. Most of Syria’s population is either dead or living in sewers like rats, Serbia has been plagued by vampires and all over North America, Illuminati are being chased down with machetes. Some people know. Most can’t make the connections. But it’s there. The unending struggle between the Rosicrucian brotherhood and Illuminati has been dotting the political and economic landscape since the 18th century. A quick glance at any tabloid headline reveals how both groups have been displaying like baboons, whooping it up while the whole world sits stupidly unaware that the BIGGEST decisions in business and global politics have been made under the pretense of a Spy vs. Spy comic strip. Both the head demon of the Illuminati conspiracy and the twelve reptilian aliens of the Rose-Cross have been filled with such a righteous hatred that for the last 200 years, an underground war for control of the human-race has been right under our noses. Even the conservative Christians stand aside in this one. After the lashing Swaggart took for getting uppity and the shaming of Heaven’s Gate, December 21, 2012 is a possibility for some real righteous hysteria.


          It’s gonna be up to us to hunt these heathen like dogs and take back our country. Jesse Ventura understands. It doesn’t take long for Jesse “the body” to whip suspected Illuminati like mules. And he isn’t Rosicrucian. I’m not even sure he’s Republican. Governor Ventura comes from the old times-ex seal-spit-in-your-face-and-stomp-you-like-an-insect-school of political righteousness. It was soldiers like him that rolled up on Osama like a pyroclastic flow of stars and stripes. I was witness to a “Jesse’ism” outside the San Jose County Courthouse when ‘The Body’ cornered a poor Rosicrucian like a dumb animal. For those of you not privy to AMORC or the Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rosae Crucis, they are a secret initiatory fraternity bent on the perfection and evolution of human consciousness. They cast their lot with groups such as Freemasonry and Ordo Templi Orientis and they are clearly the wrong ilk for someone such as Jesse Ventura. The look of struck-dumb terror on this young initiates face when the billowing form of the Governor rose up like something from the abyss was frightening even to me. And I was standing feet away and out of the line of sight. I had seen the look before. It’s the panicked expression of a lion tamer at the moment his cracking of the whip conjures a deep-seated and reverberating animal rage. I could smell the fear and so could Jesse. The neophyte recognized at once that the television cameras and microphones were NOT his friend. I could only assume he expected to be beaten. He backed up the courthouse and with trembling voice muttered, “Hello brother, are you ready for the new world?” “Why not?” Jesse said with clear disdain. “I had nothing better to do today.” There followed an awkward silence as the fledgling Rosicrucian rocked on the balls of his feet and began to blink wildly. “Have you come to see the temple and research our fabulous archives?” Jesse ignored this and drawled, “So…I heard you Rosicrushans have some interest in taking over the American government.” He took a step forward. “Do you understand the meaning of ‘Born Free or Die’?” He dragged out the last few words and stood silent with a dead stare. I think his eyes began to glaze over. This sent the crazed jabbering of the Rosicrucian to elevate just under hysteria as he babbled about, “Love, liberty, and fighting the Illuminati…” Even Jesse paused in his tirade of Nationalism and anti-conspiratorial fervor to stare vacantly and ask, “What did you just say? Illumi-what?” The man broke into a literal run and screeched, “Nothing further!” as he sped away.


         And this is how the secret got out. This is how the Discord was revealed or unveiled to the world. What seemed lamely like an outburst by a peculiar little man driven mad with fear was in actuality, a tightly-sealed secret held in the underground by a cabal of businessmen, politicians, artists, and scientists. The secret history of the world really was the history of warfare between secret societies. This is nothing new. It was all business. In any given city, Rosicrucian and Illuminati propaganda pamphlets littered street-corners along with political manifestos and store front advertisements. People knew about these ultra-secret groups but their intricacies were left a mystery. And just as nowadays, competition was grounds for a savage end to normal sensibilities. People who snitched were liable to be beaten, labeled an opium fiend, and left to be picked up with the rest of the rubbish. Even friends would smirk and say they always knew you were weird. From the very outset, the Illuminati considered the Rose-Cross to be a bunch of pigs. They constantly whined that the new reason-inspired age didn’t need any archaic superstitions from the past. They were doing just fine without magic, fairies, or even God. One of their early pamphlet headlines declared:


Rosicrucian magicians exhume plague-ridden
corpses for vile Necromancy Ritual! 


This sparked such a vile and public outcry that a twelve man investigative committee made up of a few priests, a city official, doctor, scientist, and disguised reptilian alien found that not only was the bloated body a plague hazard but probably a vampire and definitely smelled bad. When the Rosicrucians went to pieces and claimed that the entire inquiry was anti-reason and based on superstitious conjecture, Weishaupt simply stated that he knew necromancy was real because his Illuminati was really just an Illuminized Freemasonry. He claimed that there existed an Illuminati Lodge in London that carried on the rite of Memphis-founded, it is said, by Cagliostro on Egyptian models- and initiated adepts into Illuminized Freemasonry.[1] So of course he could recognize the evil Rosicrucian plot. After all, he was the only one equipped to combat it. Weishaupt laughed and laughed. But he wasn’t laughing when the Rosicrucian UFO had him face down on an examination table. Or so legend has it.


It is said that the Illuminati was created in 1010 AD in the Middle East when Hassan : Sabbah founded the Hashishim but really came to fruition in Bavaria, May 1, 1776. It is said that Adam Weishaupt, a student of the occult reached illumination yet created his entire order on the ‘Enlightenment’ tenets of reason and rationalism . This one went beyond smoke and mirrors ectoplasm regurgitation or spirit knocking. This one was elevated to shaman. A real medicine man or Merlin. In him were the teachings of ancient Assyria and Babylon, Egypt and Persia. And he was a purveyor of the esoteric tradition. It has now been confirmed that Weishaupt was Christian Rosenkreutz and created the Rose-Cross in Germany. In the three now infamous Rosicrucian pamphlets called the Fama Fraternitatis, Confessio fraternitatis, and the Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, Weishaupt used a deliberate inversion of Illuminati and in his attempt to countermand the occult philosophies of the Rose-Cross, practiced a magic similar to it. His became a magic of science.


It’s been publicly documented that Weishaupt dodged more throwing knives, poisons, and prisons than any member of MI-6 or covert CIA spy. In his Christian Rosenkreutz persona, this super-agent was both friend and adversary to himself. He delighted in writing an anti-Rosicrucian rant just to rebut it with equal gusto on behalf of all esoteric groups. He took his job very seriously and would forget himself at times. There has been instances when Weishaupt wrote a scathing criticism of Illuminati just to have Rosenkreutz step in with pro-Illuminati jabbering. This created in Weishaupt a new hubris that he embraced during his travels. Eventually members of the Illuminati began to notice word choosing and sentence phrasing that seemed eerily like what they’d read in despised Rosicrucian manifestos. It was decided that Weishaupt was a menace and should be flogged and fed to the dogs. He haggled his case but in the end was labeled positively ghoulish and the once all-powerful caliph was buried to his neck in sesame oil.

Which brings us back to secret societies, global domination, and an ancient grudge that even now threatens the very fabric of modern society. Have you heard what’s coming off the wire? Ancient Aliens raiding NORAD and constructing their own compound in the mountain, Julian Assange intentionally given a lung infection via poisonous gas filtered through air vents at the embassy, secret weather manipulation to produce super-storm Sandy, a glaring link between the year 1947, the death of Aleister Crowley, UFOs crashing in Roswell, and the atomic bomb.  Good God, when does it stop? There’s only so much the paranoid can endure before locking themselves in a compound or cabin. But the associations are there. There are connections to be made here and it becomes just a matter of sifting through the detritus to find those nuggets of truth. That’s the rub about conspiracy. Sometimes the conspiracy is real. Sometimes discord does happen. Where will you be? December 21 is just around the corner. Did the Mayans foretell some miraculous new evolutionary stage in the consciousness of mankind? Perhaps or perhaps not. Either way, the Illuminati and the Rosicrucians will continue to be a driving force in the shaping of mankind. Where will you be when Discord Happens

[1] See World Revolution, Nesta Webster. Constable and Company. London, 1921.