Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Influencing probability

Hello everybody! Astonishing the time and effort required to move into a new apartment. Been collecting various articles for the next upcoming issue and I wanna give you guys an excerpt of one written by Lucy Jones. She is a fantastic and compelling writer and I think her thoughts on probability will keep you interested.

Influencing Probability — © 2011 Lucy Jones
Practical magic is a useful tool in our daily struggle to survive and enjoy life; however,
all the magic in the world will help your cause but little if you neglect taking measures in
real time to bolster your cause and further your objectives.
Your success with practical magic will be greatly enhanced if you make influencing
probability a part of your daily magical workout.
You can learn lots of enchantments, fire thousands of sigils, and astral project until you
are blue in the face, but without some effort in the direction of influencing probability,
those really dramatic effects you seek from magic will for the most part remain out of
your grasp.
There are numerous exercises one can do with regard to influencing probability, but the
two described below are in my opinion the easiest to learn; once you start thinking in
terms of actually being able to influence your statistical chances for getting what you
want via these really simple means, you will doubtless think of other means more unique
to your own style.
Influencing probability by stacking the deck
If you don't know what "stacking the deck" means, it is a phrase that refers to cheating at
cards. The card cheat (or his accomplice) orders the cards in the deck in a certain way so
that the cheat knows ahead of time which cards his opponents are likely to have in their
hands, the purpose being to bolster the cheater's chances for a winning hand, or at least
better odds for the bets he places.
Stacking the deck in life is much.......

There's just a taste of what you'll find in the next issue! Have a good week and I'll check in with you later!