Wednesday, December 7, 2016

April 19 2019 DAY 1 of The Fall. NEON GODS

April 19, 2019 The day the gods fell.....


Outside, the rain is relentless and bashes against the window. Booms reverberate through the walls of the dingy speakeasy motel. A single twelve inch television broadcasts snow as streams of yellow light spill in from half closed blinds at the window. On the bed, a man lays sleeping. Covered from head to toe in a bedsheet, sweat from his chest and forehead seeps into the cotton. As he gasps, the sheet rises gently off his face. Somewhere in the motel, a couple is arguing. Screams can be heard over angry thunder. The man jolts awake and sits up. “Father?” he grabs the sheet and pulls it off of him. Squinting and shaking his head, he hears the storm outside and it’s so loud. Unbearable. Covering his ears he falls out of bed. He stares in bewilderment at the chaos on television. A large bang outside the door makes him flinch. Father it hurts. Covering his head, he tries to block out the sounds but they consume him. He retreats to the corner of the room while tears stream down his face. A slow, guttural wail echoes through walls. Terrified, he crawls on hands and knees to the door. Clumsily, he turns the knob and on wobbling knees steps outside. A woman is standing outside the next room. She glances over and smirks. “Go put on some clothes bum.” The man blinks sweat out of his eyes. Lip trembling, he looks out in horror at the city street in front of him. As car horns blare and sirens sing past, the man stares at the scars on his wrists. Oh God no. He touches his face as if feeling it for the first time. Shivering, he wraps his arms close to his body and notices his teeth chattering. Father help me. The man notices a light emanating from above the street. Like a beacon, it blinks above as vehicles shoot past underneath. The light. In the light with Father.  The man steps into the road and stumbles in the direction of the lamp. His barefeet on the slick street, he slips and almost falls as a car narrowly misses him. Then he is blinded. Unable to see through tears and the headlights of traffic, he drops to his knees and begins to pray. Hands in front of him, eyes closed to the world, he cries out. “Father!” Suddenly, arms are pulling him out of the street. A beer bottle is thrown from a passing car and shatters in front of him. “Come on!” A woman hisses. “You’re gonna get yourself killed!” Uncomprehending, the man shakes his head. The pain like fire all over his body, he glances down at his feet and hands. Oh God, where am I? The woman shrugs. “I don’t understand your language. You speak English?” The man stares blankly at her. Tears returning, he slumps down to the ground. Sheol. I’m in Sheol. The woman puts a hand on his shoulder and he recoils violently. “Get away from me Shade! You are forbidden!” He lurches back and stumbles. “Hey asshole! I just saved your skinny ass from being road kill.” The man stumbles backward. His eyes wild with fear. “I don’t know what language that is but it sounds Jewish. Are you a tourist?” The man squints as if seeing her for the first time. “Yeshua.” He blurts and looks around him as if expecting something to come out of the darkness and consume him. “Yeshua.” He repeats. The woman nods. “I’m Sarah. Come on, let’s get you inside……..”